Psychology nerd, tech geek, nature lover 😊
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I'm an idealist and a math geek who'd like to do as much as I can to help make the world a better place. I love the social sciences and I'm deeply interested in esoteric paths to expanded consciousness and awareness, especially in how these fit in to the modern world. I've been on a self improvement journey for many years now and I love the chance to share all the resources I've learned from along the way.

I'm currently deciding if I should specialise in counselling or education, and in the meantime I'm working as a sexual health consultant at a community clinic, helping to fill the knowledge gaps a lot of Malaysian have around sexual health one client at a time, and learning a little bit about both of these fields along the way.

I'm driven by a passion to learn and grow. I truly believe that every person I encounter knows lots of things I don't, and I'd like to learn everything I can from each of them.
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