Yannick Oswald on Blogging www.yannickoswald.comVC, Opportunities are Everywhere10 days ago
What advice would you give to a VC analyst in their first week on the job?
Asked by Michael Rabinowicz
Be ready for your elevator pitch + Listen, Listen, Listen...

Mathieu HecquetVenture Capital padawan
The VC I'm working with told me the same thing !
10 days ago
Andris BerzinsVC investor, former startup founder, startup activist, weekend warrior
Yannick Oswald you mean personal elevator pitch about yourself as an analyst?
10 days ago
Yannick OswaldVC, Opportunities are Everywhere
Andris Berzins yes, their personal story. Difficult to do well when in front of a small group of relatively senior people. So I ask them to be prepared. It is nice to kick off with a good first impression
9 days ago

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Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
"I have discovered a distribution advantage, which product can i deliver with it?" that's THE sentence that I liked in your-as-always-great-written-blog Yannick Oswald! I really liked this blog and thinking about this distribution advantage first before product... is something to re-think /over think about🤦 👌🕵️
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Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
Thanks Yannick for sharing! So many interesting insights !
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Yannick Oswald on Blogging www.yannickoswald.comVC, Opportunities are Everywhere2 days ago
Yannick, I’m convinced you can’t grow business without advertising (well maybe except if you’re Tesla). Have you seen succesful consumer products that were able to grow without paid user acquisition? How important is it for startups to advertise well?
Asked by Audrius Janulis
Great question Audrius and thanks for reaching out! You can, BUT only very few can. Rare are those exceptions like Skype or Facebook, who have inherent virality, or runaway product successes like Google. Marketing, and finding great distribution hacks in the early days, is probably the most underestimated skill in tech. When I talk to founders, I expect them to realize this before I would consider an investment. In my opinion, without great marketing you can't exist.... More on this here 👉 https://www.yannickoswald.com/post/distribution-distribution-distribution

Yannick OswaldVC, Opportunities are Everywhere
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