Delivering a great pitch is INCREDIBLY hard. It is even harder these days when you have to do it (mostly) over video conferencing. Here some tips: 1) Tell a story. Write a script that captivates your audience. 2) Think at the investor's level. Explain the 'Why Now'. 3) Don’t be too rational. 4) Do not try to be credible. 5) Cut the shit.
5 Pitch Mistakes. How To Fix Them.

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Read your post, watched the video, good stuff 👍💪
2 months ago
Yannick OswaldVC, Opportunities are Everywhere
2 months ago
Sergej ZacharevskijEnterpreneur
Useful tips, Yannick, thanks. Especially the first one, about story. I suppose the story about our enemy which is a problem, and succsessful solution.
2 months ago
Marius ČiuželisInvestor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
@mantas.danilevicius fyi
2 months ago

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Yannick, could you share what is your process/thinking behind positive decisions to invest in tech companies?
Asked by Justas Janauskas
Great question! 5 things: 1. A founder that has a crazy dream, a vision to change the world 2. Shared conviction with the entrepreneur about his vision, and willingness to support him all the way 3. Great early signs that she/he is onto something real (product, metrics) 4. Conviction that the founder will be able to raise future capital, that she/he can excite other investors ‘when at a table with them’ 5. A deal that makes sense to both of us regarding the stage of the company (more on
⏳ Deconfinement. What’s next for tech entrepreneurs? 🙌 Make sure your customers are ready 💸 Adapt your pitch to the new reality Enjoy!
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