🧡 Time to get sober. Let’s build a healthy internet 📲 Our digital limit and the less is more approach 👋 The need for new digital interfaces https://www.yannickoswald.com/post/time-to-get-sober-let-s-build-a-healthy-internet

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Great post, completely agree that ‘time spent per day’ is outdated metric, and that audio/voice has a big future 🤘
4 months ago
Yannick OswaldVC, Opportunities are Everywhere
Thanks Justas!
4 months ago

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Why Cash is King! One of the first things I often discuss with my SaaS founders are the pros and cons of monthly vs. annual subscription plans. This choice is always a trade-off between short term revenue growth vs. receiving more cash on day 1. So, what’s the best choice? More here... https://www.yannickoswald.com/post/why-cash-is-king
Why Cash is King!

Yannick OswaldVC, Opportunities are Everywhere
Thanks for reaching out Florian Sorg Great is 80% annual plans, good is 50-60% In the first two years, you would like to grow 300-500% yoy for B2B (starting basis 50k-500k), 500%-1000% for B2C (starting basis 20k-50k) Regarding product development, the best consumer teams I have come across ship and test one or multiple new versions per week, and at least one feature a month in the first 2 years I never look at LTV as it doesn’t make much sense in the early days... I only look at engagement, especially after month 6 for annual plans to predict churn in month 13 (as I mostly invest in the company before that). More in this post https://www.yannickoswald.com/post/why-are-investors-obsessed-with-churn Hope this helps. Please feel free to DM me for any further questions. Thanks!
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Giedrė Rajuncė on How to create a strong personal brand that sells?Personal branding for CEO’s and professionals | Social Image Agency4 months ago
Why should you care about building a personal brand in the first place?  Let me share with you some insights I've gained after working with so many different customers in the field.  1️⃣ Everybody has a personal brand. You also do have it now. The only difference is that you (most probably) do not have a strategy of how to get the most of it and actually earn from your brand; 2️⃣ Personal branding based communication is the most powerful form of social communication. Why? Because 92% of users will by from a person rather than a company, product or service brand; 3️⃣ Building a personal brand gives so many side benefits: you are perceived as one of the top people in the market, you get invitations to speaking events, podcasts or even TV, you constantly get interesting cooperation offers and, what's most important, customers come to you, not vice versa. 🔜 Are YOU getting the most of your personal brand?
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