Vytautas Galaunia on PhysicsSoftware engineer @qoorio4 months ago
My ex colleague some time ago shared this video. Old, but simple video explaining frames of reference. It’s all about physics, but I also find many relations with my day to day life.
Frames of Reference (1960)

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Linas BartaševičiusBiology MA, Antiaging studies, Consultant at @Maistassportui4 months ago
A modern person who wants to remain productive, follows completely different rhythm in modern society - another, tightly compressed agenda. Finding time for physical activity, in order to maintain the existing health or further improve it - is simply impossible on your own because there is huge information overflow; their analysis takes too long 🕝 to select ways to achieve the desired goal. Having in mind the current quality of food, a modern man can no longer live a long, stressed, even physically active life without the substances that increase their value and supplement the daily ration with the necessary, missing substances. Therefore, substances that model immunity are needed to accelerate recovery after exercise. That said, for 20 years I advise people with a heavy workload - mental or physical. With the help of the daily analysis, together we evaluate the amount of productive time and simulate the workouts to achieve the desired result 🌄
Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair4 months ago
Yesterday I attended my first ever virtual art fair. Over 200 selected galleries set up their virtual 'booths' for the first virtual edition of Frieze New York, which opened for arts professionals and collectors on May 6th, and will launch to the public later today. While the virtual fair experience did not fully replace the experience of attending the physical art fair for me (I missed professional meetings, public and parallel programmes of the fair, and the experience of physically seeing the works, to name just a few ), I found many advantages of the virtual edition. Here are some of my top ones: • MARKET TRANSPARENCY - unlike in the physical art fair, all the prices of the artworks are readily available without having to inquire, which can be an invaluable resource for emerging collectors just starting to navigate the art market. • EFFECTIVE SEARCH CAPABILITY - as an emerging collector, you may, for example, start your search for works with a price bracket for under $10K, or explore artworks in your favourite medium (say, photography or installation), simply saving so much time. • EXTENDED DURATION OF THE FAIR- private & public preview combined, the virtual fair will last for 10 days, about twice the duration of a physical art fair, giving the opportunity for longer research and extra time to come back to the works and make a more informed decision on what to purchase. Not to mention all the time and money we're saving as we don't need to fly and stay in New York for several days. Register for Frieze online viewing room and let me know what's your experience of attending the virtual art fair! https://www.galeriemagazine.com/frieze-new-york-online/
How Frieze New York's Online-Only Edition Signals the Future of Fairs - Galerie
Rūta DapkūnaitėDevelopment&UX/user researcher;applied anthropologist;project&case manager7 days ago
Did you know that practising new&challenging activity can help to build and maintain your cognitive skills? And of course keeping your body healthy by having physical activities and eating well! Share your practices of how you train your brain!
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