A man with needles - tattoo artist @ Ink Argentum Tattoo & Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour
Vilnius, Lithuania
In most cases, if the person makes an appointment with me, it means that he has courage, as I leave permanent marks on him. If to be more serious, I do my drawings on the skin, also known as tattoos. As far as I remember myself, I have always been drawing. 12 years ago, this hobby grew up as a career option, as I became a street artist, when I graduated BA Fine Arts of Northumbria University, UK and later on, I found myself in tattooing others. Even though it took me some time to discover the world of tattooing, the style I currently work in is called blackwork. It is a line based drawings, which have lots of texture and grain in shading. Knowing that my job will remain for the rest of someone's life is the most satisfying award I can get.
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