Senior Software Engineer
My interest in computers and technology goes right back to when I was a kid. My journey in programming started with QBasic and a simple console application. After I acquired some fundamental skills for coding I have moved to .NET and C# and built apps for Windows platform using WPF. As I was also learning graphic design at the time I've started to lean towards web with Silverlight and ASP.NET. Unfortunately as .NET platform was pretty closed-up back then I switched to more open web technologies: mostly php for the back-end and javascript, html and css for the front-end. Through the years I had opportunity to work on many projects both from the back-end and the front-end side. I have experience with frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, worked with AngularJS, Angular, React and Vue in the front-end, designed databases with MySQL and mongoDB, done back-end work with node and Express, worked with cloud services like AWS including Lambda functions, wrote SPA apps using GraphQL, used great deal of TypeScript and touched various kinds of software in one way or another. Through the experiences in software development I've built a strong foundation of Object Oriented Design, TDD and software architecture. Although I have background in music performance - computer science and software engineering took over and became my job, passion and hobby.
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