Software engineer @qoorio
Naujamiestis, Vilnius, Lithuania
I’m a software engineer.

Over the years worked in couple different companies, but somehow I find my self most comfortable when I work in a small team.

With every project I’m always trying to push my self to the new limits and because of that I’m mobile first engineer, which doesn’t have any problem if something needs to be done in backend or actually anything else, I’m always eager to learn something new
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Reviews from humans who have met with Vytautas
We talked with Vytautas about the motivation and mental health of software engineers. I enjoyed listening to Vytautas's views as well as his personal experience. Feeling grateful for his curiosity and openness!
Žygimantas Skuolis
over 1 year ago
Quick thinker and very smart. Was able to describe many different possibilities quickly.
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