A businesswoman within pharma with a special interest in eating disorders
Vilnius, Lithuania
I come from an international sales & business development background, mostly within pharmaceutical and life science sectors. Over the past 15 years I have been immersed into starting businesses in various countries from the scratch and also business development where businesses already existed throughout and outside of Europe. I'm a skillful salesperson as well since sales go hand in hand with business development. I usually handle the market research, meet the right people, make up the strategy, do all the math behind it and much more.
Today I run my own business within pharma and am settled in Stockholm, Sweden. My clients are international however I have been focusing a lot on the Scandinavian market in the last year. My best qualities are being quite straightforward, understanding psychology and being able to get the entire picture/have an "airplane view"/analyse big quantities of data.

Part 2 - to make the long story short - I successfully battled my inner demons and set up an entire strategy behind it. Now I help women who struggle with overweight, emotional eating, overeating and other food and body related issues.
Today not only do I blog on my blog www.maistasvaistas.com and Instagram @vladadapkos but I have also become a creator of healthy recipes and I spend hours in the kitchen experimenting and baking sugarfree, glutenfree desserts which I happily share with my modest audience.
I have also been a passionate runner for the past 5 years now and truly am hoping/planning on remaining one many years ahead. Other hobbies include travelling, meeting new people, singing and cycling.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Vlada
Andrius Užkalnis
over 1 year ago
Great meeting, conversation on many subjects and going into great detail. Very rewarding experience.
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