Head Of Commerce @ LONAS, Sleep hacher, Growth hacker & Turnaround maker
Vilnius, Lithuania
The moral of my career story is pretty simple – if you work hard enough, years later, you’ll get what you want. More than ten years ago, I started my career just as a regular street seller. Step by step, I managed to get into higher positions, such as Board member, CEO or sales director. Currently, I am the Head of Commerce at LONAS and a professional with an extensive luggage business tools (50+) through which I help companies to achieve faster growth and/or reorganization.


I would love to share my accumulated experience, practical advice, or even the common mistakes businesses usually do.

How to deliver Wow customer service?
How to increase sales using tradition sales methods and digital marketing mix?
How to become profitable by turnarounding organisation?
Selfhacked sleep quality ways
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Hacks how to sleep better
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