Tarot reader, runologist
Vilnius, Lithuania
For 12 years, I delved into the secrets of Tarot cards and magic Rune signs if to be precise The Elder Futhark. Tarot cards and other mantic systems and their answers help me not to get lost in the maze of life. The information obtained serves as a guideline that helps to predict not just a possible outcomes of situation, but also the reasons (consequences) why life is moving to one direction or another. The Tarot answers also help to shape our future, because I deeply believe that only we are responsible for one or another outcome, and knowing future directions and opportunities, we can change our environment as we change ourselves. The better we know ourselves, the better we get to the heart of the problem - the easier it is for us to take the reins of life more firmly into our hands. From this point of view, I base my work on cards and try not only to predict the flow or end of situations, but also to inspire both myself and the client with hope, faith and strength in the face of everyday challenges and obstacles in life.

In search of tools which may help to change the bends of life even more actively, I discovered runes - magical signs and letters of the Nordic countries. Going deeper into the secrets of the runes, I created more and more complex combinations of runic signs, I “tested” each of them personally - this is how rune amulets and talismans were born, and handmade candles engraved with runic signs. Rune signs perfectly “record” the desired and necessary information in the human energy field, and together with the conscious human determination to change one's life, they become a great magical tool for strengthening the powers of consciousness and subconscious, helping to achieve desired goals or protect against negative environmental influences.

Tarot cards and Rune signs now helps me not to lost my path in a maze of life.
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Vilius - labai nuotaikingas, labai tikslus ir išsamūs būrimai. Sužinojau ne tik apie reikiamą klausimą, bet ir apie Taro kortas apskritai. Ačiū už laiką ir visus paaiškinimus.
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