Insolvency consultant & researcher - passionate to make things better
Kaunas, Lithuania
Vilija Mogenytė is a business consultant and a doctoral researcher in Insolvency Law.

The field of insolvency is often perceived as somewhat niche as if isolated from other business processes. Therefore, it usually doesn’t attain major attention in public discourse. However, it affects each one of us on a daily basis - at the micro-level, while taking a personal role in insolvency procedure (as a creditor, former director of an insolvent company, etc.), at the macro level, the way insolvency processes are being held affect the whole business ecosystem, ensure (or not) the prevention of harmful business practices, create (or not) a predictable economic investment environment. Vilija is restlessly passionate about making things better in the field.

Vilija has over ten years of company management experience. Currently, she is co-running a business consultancy firm, where she manages business insolvency projects, and advise clients on juridical strategies and particular business decisions.

As a consultant and lecturer Vilija, has collaborated with numerous public and private organizations. She is passionate about employing the most innovative practices for actual business results and facilitating businesses in pre-insolvency and insolvency stages so it is possibly most fluent and less stressful for all the concerned parts. Dynamic entrepreneur and management consultant herself, Vilija passes a rational and no-nonsense approach to all her projects.

Currently, Vilija is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Law at Mykolas Romeris University. She is working on her doctoral thesis in the field of insolvency law – “Protection of Public Interest in Legal Entity Bankruptcy Cases“.

Keywords for potential business and/or academic cooperation with Vilija Mogenytė: Insolvency Law, Business Restructuring, Public Interest.
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