I analyse, plan&talk about things a lot
Vilnius, Lithuania

I'm always seeking for knowledge. Passionated about traveling, fashion, minimalism, sociology and marketing. Let's talk?
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Stephen Brooks6 months ago
I really enjoyed my conversation with Viktorija, she has a deep understanding of a wide range of topics and the discussion was interesting as well as fun.
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Viktorija Malašauskaitė on Time managementI analyse, plan&talk about things a lotSome time ago
Okay. This Monday feels totally different. After 12 years of going to school, I said goodbye to it. Today is the first day when I am responsible for planning how to study efficiently alone. Personally, I think these steps allow me to be productive: ⭕️Tidy workplace ⭕️Set time (usually 25 min work 5 min break) ⭕️Quiet environment ⭕️Fresh air ⭕️A lot of water ⭕️Phone left in another room What are your hacks for learning?


Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
One trick I use is revisiting the stuff I need to learn/work on just before I go to sleep. Putting new things in your head right before you drowse off makes them stick better when you wake up. And it’s actually a scientific fact https://lifehacker.com/study-before-bed-for-significantly-better-retention-5896513 Oh and congrats on graduating!
Viktorija Malašauskaitė on Time managementI analyse, plan&talk about things a lotSome time ago
Why do we still have FOMO although nothing is actually happening? Check out the amount of time you spend on social media! During this month I noticed that people I follow on social media still create a lot of content (for example, related to their past) and after scrolling for a bit I felt like my brain collected too much unnecessary information. I noticed it is really important to work on usage habits of social media and decide whether you really need to scroll that Facebook feed. Dopamine is great, but I personally couldn't consider it worth the emotional hangover that comes after wasting my time scrolling. “The biggest thing I can tell you is that you have to make as much content as possible” - says Gary Vee. But is it truly worth spending that much time on social media and keep yourself updated with the life of others?


Justas JanauskasQoorious human
I think there are no universally agreed rules in life and business. Making as much content as possible might be a great advice for Gary, but not necessary for you. Figure out your own rules and follow them. Of course, seek inspiration from people you admire.
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