A Writer and a Housewife with an Exciting Past
Captain Cook, HI, USA
I’m an author of 7 books. Living a double life: a somewhat Facebook famous writer in Lithuania and a moody housewife in Hawaii.

In my past lives I worked as a model in Milan, a shop assistant on Oxford street, London (for 3 months until I saved up for my first trip to India), a yoga instructor in India (yes!), a waitress (just for 4 hours and I quit on the spot - the hardest job ever!) a maid (a few times cleaned a sad mans house for money) a nurse for elderly and disabled (5 years), and an owner of a pop-up vintage shop in Bricklane (5 years). And just to add to the quirkiness - during my time in London, I’ve also did MA in Philosophy.

Currently spending my days in sunny Hawaii along with my husband, travelling with kids, reading A LOT, teaching yoga and enjoying life to the fullest, through the principles of ecology, moderation and lightheartedness! Aloha :)
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