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Vilnius, Lithuania
I’m in HR for more then 10 years & most of it working in IT. As well I’m mom of two adorable kids. My interests beside professional world goes around books, sport & traveling. My HR expertise vary from IT recruitment lifecycle, labour law to designing all employee experience in the company(including learning& development, comp&benefits, engagement, performance management etc.). Currently I’m mostly interested in to agile HR and disruptive HR topics, as change pace in last years becomes faster and faster. As human beings we are keen to develop, create, invent & discover new horizons. What’s good enough today might be not good enough tomorrow already. Agile for me is not set of tools, it’s more way of thinking. HR is not about methods and tools as well, it’s rather about people. I want to share one quotation from the book written by Pia-Maria Thoren “Agile people” with insights about future organizations: "Laloux turned his attention to the organisations of the future, which are teal.
<..> Since they are just evolving now, we don't know exactly what the characteristics are, but it looks like they will be primarily self-organizing, decentralized networks <...>"

"The central question in teal organizations is, how we can find a purpose that changes and develops us? Life and work are integrated. They focus on the whole person, instead of just the work persona. The number of hours that people actually spend at work or doing work is not as important as the amount of time that people spend developing themselves and becoming better. Employees are more accountable to their colleagues then they are to a department head or a manager. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator in both teal and Agile organizations”.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Vaida
Nedas Vilkas
almost 2 years ago
Informatyvus pokalbis per kuri pavyko išgryninti aišku veiksmu plana, padėsiantį geriau pasiruošti karjeros pokyčiams
Urtė Karalaitė
almost 2 years ago
Susitikimas praėjo puikiai. Buvo malonu ir lengva bendrauti. Tikiuosi, buvau bent kiek naudinga. Didžiausios sėkmės✨❤️
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