Associate @ FORT Legal
Vilnius, Lithuania
Being a lawyer has been my career path for the past seven years. From a trainee to an associate, I get a great deal of satisfaction when I can contribute to helping my clients with the high-level responsibility and positivity. My main specialisation area is M&A transactions and general corporate law matters.

Usually everyone is suprised about the fact that additionally to my professional activities I write a blog about the ideas from books “Penktadienio istorijos”. Just because I love sharing and book reading is my passion. Books are a huge part of my personal development plan.

From time to time I give presentations on creativity (seriously, lawyer talking about creativity?) or emotional intelligence.

Since vacations in mountains learning how to snowboard – I have had the travel bug. Just came back from the hardest hike trail in Europe (GR20, Corsica) and now looking for future adventures.
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