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Vilnius, Lithuania
I have traveled all over Europe and put my foot on other continents. I am constantly looking for cheap flights, places to eat, non-standard hotels, off track places, bookstores, events and wonderful views all over the world. I think that sometimes people don’t travel because they are hampered by an unwillingness to plan, they don’t know how to choose what to see, where to find the best places to stay.

As long as I can remember I was always into food. I always wanted to try new flavors and discover places to eat. Whilst traveling, I always save the best places and have collections of restaurants for each place I went to. I’m focusing on affordable cafes and restaurants, not Michelin-starred restaurants, so over the years I have learned how to pick great food and not be left empty pocketed. I know that it might be frustrating to choose from a wide range of offers, so I can help you pick the best, the most fashionable, affordable or just the best choice for local cuisine!
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Audrius Buika
almost 2 years ago
Puiki pašnekovė, buvo labai naudingas ir įdomus pokalbis! Rekomenduoju :)
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