Aspiring change-maker | UCL Management Science student
Vilnius, Lithuania
Dear Qoorio user,

I am Kamile, a 19 years old female starting her university studies at UCL- BSc Management Science.

I am passionate to learn about Innovations in Businesses, the development of Startups, dynamic world of Finance, impactful Leadership, positive and sustainability-driven Strategic Decisions... and all of the other possible intellectually challenging and growth-inspiring topics.

I thoroughly enjoy competitive Latin American dancing, tennis, skiing, water sports, a bit of cooking and exploring all corners of the world.

I have served as the 25th President of Vilnius Lyceum and led the teams of 10 and 18 motivated Student Council members. This experience has been a cornerstone of my personal growth and has greatly contributed to the development of my effective communication, decision making, leadership, teamwork and time management skills.

I am currently in my first year at UCL reading BSc Management Science, learning about Data Analytics, Business Economics, Maths and Management. I have also become a member of UCL Investment Society, serving as the First Year Executive on the committee.

I am eager to get out of my comfort zone, immerse in new opportunities, foster impactful relationships and make a positive contribution!

If you feel like you could share your story with me, provide useful feedback or just become a great self-growth companion, do not hesitate and reach out, I would greatly appreciate this.

Good luck on your journey,
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