Venture Capital
Vilnius, Lithuania
About Me
I want to ignite changes in the world, create value, and solve various problems by implementing innovative solutions. With years of experience working at big corporations and prosperous startups, I have developed good skills needed to scale business fast. Today, I focus on finding courageous and visionary people who are ready to develop BOLD Startups.

How to Invest Money?
I am founding partner of Iron Wolf Capital where we invest in smart people teams with disrupting ready to scale products. Invested early of few BOLD startups, including Dancerbus, Aichom, Ooniq. I was CEO for leading mobile app development company Appcamp, board member of Pigu Group, Foodout Group ant few more interesting startups. Before entrepreneur and investor journey I spent 12 years in banking leading various departments.

How to Pitch Your Idea?
The business world is moving faster than ever, so you must learn how to adapt. Even though investors would love to give time to every single startup and project, it is simply impossible. That’s why you have to learn how to be quick and original when pitching your ideas.

How to Develop a Business?
Every business has to make complex decisions daily. It is vital to know how to analyze the markets, predict future trends, and take into account even the smallest details. I have been a part of many successful projects’ development. I would love to share my expertise and stories.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Tomas
Mario Krivickas
over 1 year ago
Talking with Tomas was very informative, honest and game changing. Glad to listen experienced knowledge with supportive approach. Stay cool, be productive & enjoy your life
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