Free time spender @vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania
🗝️I like to travel
🗝️I dont like stress
🗝️I like to find new routes to my house 🏢
🗝️I like to feel the earth with my feets 🦶
This summer I just walked Santiago de compostela road 🏞️🏜️🧭
I have CabinCrewAtestation🧾✈️
I dont like tabacco, but sometimes I taste that🤔
Verry often I feel I have to give something more to humans for good things
Black mirror ☺😍
Joe blu 💙🎧
Surviving quarantine
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5% donated to Renkuosi mokyti
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30 min

Driving lessons with citybee
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1 h

Geodezininko konsultacija xd
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30 min

We can plan Your's next journey
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1 h

I can learn You to ride by 2 electric scooters
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30 min

Video call
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45 min

Night ride with spark
Reviews from humans who have met with Tomas
Gabija Damalakaitė
over 1 year ago
Nuoširdus, atviras naujovėms, žinantis savo vertę, norintis ir galintis!
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