Fashion and portrait photographer |
Vilnius, Lithuania

My journey with photography began a long time ago. I always wanted to be photographer and pursue my dreams as professional one. I even want to take photography studies but I couldn’t make it in that’s why I ended up with design studies instead. I never was that happy with it but still went for it. After graduating in graphic design I began to work with advertising and ad agencies. Working there I began to work a lot with Photoshop and retouching many pictures taken by others. Never got any chance to do some of my own. Years went by and one day I decided to take everything into my hands. Went and bought a camera and that’s where my happiness began. To feel the moment and to capture it became my task and my dream come true. To find emotion, feeling and something special in everything and everyone – that was what I wanted to do for so long and camera became my tool.
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