Not a Superman, but I know how to Fly / Former CEO
London, UK
After a decade in a lonely and somehwat depressive London, a career in commercial photography and a serendipitous, yet immensely eventful one in pharmaceuticals (fun fact: I was the youngest CEO of a pharmaceutical company in the world) - I've decided to realize my life-long ambition of learning to fly. Not only have I gone through an intensive training and passed all the necessary exams to acquire a pilot's licence - I've also taken my first ever solo flight last autumn, didn't really 'land back' on the ground and am on my way to reaching a higher pilotage. In a nutshell: I'm getting rid off a majority of professional attachments, learning how to fly and becoming a paragliding pilot; which means discovering freedom & falling in love with the sky every single step of the way.
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