Media entrepreneur, city beekeeper, human
Vilnius, Lithuania
I have 15 years of experience in media business. I have co-founded company “15min” which we sold to Schibsted media group and have lead it for 12 years to become one of the leading online media outlets in Lithuania. I have been ceo of the biggest Lithuanian news agency “BNS”, biggest magazine publishing company “ZLG”, board member of classified company “Plius”. Currently I’m CEO and part owner of media group “Media bitės” (, we operate in magazine, online news, offline and online cinema theater, book sales and distribution, online healthcare platforms businesses. Our brands are: Žmonės, Žmonės cinema, Žmonės knygos, Žmonės foto, Laimė, Ji, Legendos, Pasaka,,

I’m also independent board member of “Telia Lietuva” and board member of national TV and radio broadcaster “LRT”. Besides work I love city beekeeping, windsurfing, tennis, snowboarding, motorcycling and many other good things in life. Let’s connect!
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50% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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Talk about anything you want over lunch
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Visit my Vilnius city bees
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Insights on your media business
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Tennis together @ Balzekas tennis academy
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Walk my dog Willy Wonka with me in Užupis, Vilnius
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Let’s go for a ride with RS6
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