Market expansion specialist | Business developer + network of investors
Kaunas, Lithuania
A goal oriented, strategic and hands-on business developer with more than 12 years’ experience in the technology, automotive, healthcare, agriculture machinery, constructions, logistics industries.

Generating breakthrough results in Baltic States, Scandinavian, CEE and the Middle East countries.

- Achievements

● Developed consulting, facilitation based services company from scratch, and optimized business processes through digitization while keeping in mind the importance of a natural relationship with clients.
● Built a network of more than a thousand business developers, investors, representatives of SFO and MFO, traders, real estate agents in Austria, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, and United Kingdom.
● Lead a remote team of 30+ salespeople to organize sales, procurement processes in different industries.
● Provided access for 5+ IT services/products based companies to Austria, Finland and 10+ manufacturers to Sweden, Germany ●Provided investment-related services for the PPP project, matched with investors to a small airport, 5M EUR;
●Researched and expanded to Egypt market in relation to ICT, IoT businesses;
● Helped for the Italian agriculture machinery manufacturer successfully enter the CIS market;
● Manufacturer from Sweden found outsourcing collaborates for a unique product;
● Digitized a sales processes for agro machinery spare parts wholesaler;
● The China-based manufacturer entered the Baltic States market by making a partnership with the biggest wholesaler.
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