Data Scientist @ Vinted, Microeconomist, Motorcycle enthusiast, Lecturer, Analytical Thinker
Vilnius, Lithuania
In today's world, we have a chance to process uncountable amounts of data and make fact-based business decisions that boost the performance of various projects and products. I am a data scientist at Vinted, the fastest growing pre-loved fashion trading platform in Europe. I have years of experience working with tools such as R, Spark, Jupyter, Hadoop, MS SQL, and others.
In the past 2 years, I have also been sharing my theoretical and empirical knowledge in microeconomics as a visiting associate professor at the ISM University of Management and Economics. My passion for teaching and spreading the knowledge comes from the years that I have spent at the University of Groningen where after being a student myself I got a chance to tutor others. I feel that it is vital for all of us to invest in smart and motivated young professionals who will eventually shape the future of our world.
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