LinkedIn’s 3x Top Voice (I like 🍗)
Melbourne VIC, Australia

When it comes to personal branding, it’s about you walking your truth.

Still, what does it have to do with 🍗 or LinkedIn.

With over 650 million LinkedIn users, I am recognised as one of the top 350 content creator on LinkedIn. That’s what it means to be a Top Voice.

Within 3 years I have been able to grow from 0 to 39k.

And I started with fried chicken and video.

🍗 Follow me to gain insights on how to market yourself better.

The key is building a sustainable brand that’s authentic to you and your values.

You are you.
So, stop being someone you’re not.

My name is String.
I’m the founder of The Trusted Voice.
I’m a daughter of a refugee.
I believe in a world of creative vibes.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, so you can grow and succeed.

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Reviews from humans who have met with String
Simona Koncytė7 months ago
Absolutely grateful for the opportunity to talk with String. She gave a very clear understanding and tips, how to improve my Linkedin profile. More than that shared her knowledge and useful contacts, regarding my project. Thank you again for a very inspirong talk.
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String Nguyen on Growing on LinkedInLinkedIn’s 3x Top Voice (I like 🍗)Some time ago
3 easy tips to gain visbility on LinkedIn 1️⃣ create content consistently 2️⃣ engage and be active 3️⃣ update your profile More details and insights on my LinkedIn post:
String Nguyen on LinkedIn: #stringtheory #personalbranding | 22 comments

String Nguyen on Growing on LinkedInLinkedIn’s 3x Top Voice (I like 🍗)Some time ago
[Digital event] Learn how to grow your business on LinkedIn. I share how I increased LinkedIn views by 900% Still, it’s about building a brand. As part of Beyond Experience, we have a virtual travel summit, sharing how to build/market yourself online better. You can watch my video presentation on: How to effectively grow your business on LinkedIn. Here's how the format of this summit works: 1) watch the video-preso 2) attend and tune into the live Q&A Watch thw video-preso here: Follow/Admire me on LinkedIn growth.

String Nguyen on Personal Branding 🍗 It’s your reputation onlineLinkedIn’s 3x Top Voice (I like 🍗)Some time ago
Build your personal brand using the 7Vs: The 7Vs is a framework I established to help leaders and professionals find their voice and clarity. To build a trustworthy brand you need: 1. vision: what’s your why? 2. values: what do you care about? 3. volks: as in folks, who are you serving? 4. voice: what messages do you want to amplify? 5. visuals: like my 🍗, how do you become memorable? 6. validation: measure your success. 7. victory: how do you monetise your influence and expertise? Read more at:
How to Build a Resilient Personal Brand – The Trusted Voice Blog

String NguyenLinkedIn’s 3x Top Voice (I like 🍗)Some time ago
Why LinkedIn? No longer is it a static place to hold your resume. For the last 3 years, it has evolved into a content driven platform. Its another form of distribution to grow your audience, voice and brand. It’s a place to dynamically show your expertise and gain clients/projects. Be a vocie. Become a channel. 🍗 Read my LinkedIn story about how I grew from 0 to 39k in 3 years 🍗 I share insights that you can apply yourself.

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