Sociologist, Educationalist, Project Designer
Kaunas, Lithuania
I borned in contryside city in Turkey, but my life is passed in crowded big city centres. I spend 8 years in military education for my high school and university education, but i could't graduate as a military officer because of govermental issues. I got my bachelor as a sociologist. Then I started to a civilian life. I worked as a logistic coordinator, educational consultant and project manager in various companies. But i cannot satisfied being in bussiness life for some reasons. Life sometimes comes with diffrent results than we are expected.

Now, I am doing my master on sociology of education. I am trying to develop myself on educology.

I like to make people aware on finding the meaning of life to share with experiences depend on my full of unexpected adventures and ramified lifestyle. To observe behaviours and lifestyles of people in the society provides me to understand who am I, where am I, why am I here and what is happening around me? In ancient time, these are the most meaningful and valuable questions for people. But now, our lifestyle is rapidly changing and we forget to think and search for the meaning of life. Wish to find our meaning of life!
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