Cultural Analyst • Ethnographer • UX researcher
Copenhagen, Denmark
Do you prefer quality over quantity?

Then I’m at your service. I help people to a value creating approach to life. I’m a Cultural Analyst & Ethnographer with unique abilities within analysing, teaching & co-creation. Many people struggle being joyful and fulfilled in all areas of there life. Many suffer from stress and anxiety at some level. My claim is that a root cause is this is a global myth of scarcity which makes us value “quantity over quality” we think that more is better, but what we need is better quality - starting with our thoughts. I’m here to ask you to join me in busting this cultural created myth and value quality over quantity. How you might ask? By producing and applying qualitative data.

I will teach you how - this is what you will gain !

👉🏾 in-depth perspectives of the unconscious side of human beings - tapping into your own and others’ desires, dreams, fears & lacks. This is important when having conversations with your self 🤯😏😉😁 and with others 👨‍👩‍👦 and communicating, connecting, marketing, selling to you costumers 👩🏼‍💻

👉🏾 ability to identify assumptions and values, both your own and cultural and your practices and habits - this will allow you develop better structures and habits becoming value based, courageous, confident, effective, and joyful 😁

👉🏿 a deep realisation of how that is so much we do not know and perceive which gives a healthy perspective on your ego causes you to be humble and grateful and also a DEEP realisation that YOUR potential is unlimited.

I call my methodology multi-modal ethnographic research, as I believe our senses is one key to understanding ourselves and others, also this explorative methodology ensures a high degree of validity and innovation-potential, when co-creating products, strategies, marketing campaigns and in you everyday life with your friends and family.

Let’s connect 👨🏽‍💻📞🤓
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Video call: 3 key elements of ethnography
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