Artist, Bodytherapist of Grinberg Method, Video Producer
Vienna, Austria
I studied fine arts in the class of Ruby Sircar and Ashley Scheirl at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In my works i deal with my body, experience of migration, of being in between several worlds and reconfiguring myself all the time. I have a lot of experience with exhibiting, installing, and promoting artworks

BODYTHERAPIST with Grinberg method - level 1
I started studying the Grinberg method which is a method of reconfiguring old patterns stored in your body and breaking free of their control of your behavior.

I am cofounder of a feminist video collective Feige, and am most of all in charge of production tasks like the communication internally, finances, casting, location scouting and bringing everything together
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Reviews from humans who have met with Sophie
Marius Čiuželis
almost 2 years ago
Sophie was very open and curious to explore something completely new for her. We briefly discussed some ideas for Sophie’s consideration.
Gabija Grušaitė
almost 2 years ago
Sophie is a very intelligent person! Such a pleasure to talk to her 👌
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