Data Scientist | Finance & Investments | Bike traveller
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am fascinated by today's technologies and their importance in making objective business decisions as well as data driven products. I work as a data scientist for a software-as-a-service scaleup company that grew from 10 people to 160+ since I joined. We process billions of data points every day.
Let's talk about:
- How to become a data scientist
- Startup companies
- Data driven products

I have a MSc in Quantitative Finance and have worked as a Proprietary Trader in an investment bank before. I have hands-on knowledge of financial markets and am comfortable discussing personal finance topics.
Let's talk about:
- Personal finance
- Financial instruments and asset classes

My main hobby is bicycle travelling (bike touring, bikepacking) and everything cycling related. I have cycled 9000 km across North America (Canada to Panama) for 6 months, done shorter bike tours in Italy, Switzerland, Spain as well as multi-day trips in Lithuania and Poland. I have also hiked Tour du Mont Blanc. I prefer to camp and spend a lot of time outdoors.
Let's talk about:
- Your next bike tour or outdoor adventure
- Gear selection
- Route planning
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