Professional procrastinator | SEO+SMO+PPC
Kaunas, Lithuania
I studied politics, but after graduation life have thrown me into sales. Life happens, huh? No regrets, I appeared where I needed to be. This allowed me gather great skills and experience working with people in B2C sector. I had to do cold calling, active sales on the street and give a 24/7 support to my clients. Life was great until I've decided to say "This doesn't bring me joy anymore". Thus after almost 2 years I've found myself once again in a new sector - marketing.
Since I had no experience, I had to sell myself. Luckily, this was where my prior skills came in handy. I managed to land a job in a marketing agency, working with Facebook and Google ads, their optimization. While life was finally treating me well, it usually doesn’t work that way for a long time. Due to some unfortunate reasons I had to leave. While being depressed and a bit demotivated, I got my current job within 1 and a half week. Spoiler alert: I think I've hacked the employment process. Anyways, now I'm working with SEO at a educational startup for almost half a year.

During my journey, I have participated in many various projects and conferences about business and personal development. While I can't say that I've hacked the process of living, I did manage to make a couple of great decisions.

I could describe myself as dreamer, rather than a doer. This used to cause me problems, but as I'm slowly making the transition, with the right mind, it becomes an empowerment, instead of a burden.

If you're looking for a partner to help with a project or rob a bank (while I'd not advice you to do that, it might seem like an interesting experience nevertheless) I might be the guy.
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