Fail Nights | innovation & product development | solo traveler | petrolhead
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am:

#FailNights founder and event organiser - lets talk about building stronger, resilient & creative teams through failure or how to bring positive failure culture to your company. I also can organise a private Fail Night or a boosting workshop for your team, department or company.

Expert on innovation, consultant on product/service development - lets take your product or service to a whole new level in terms of user experience, satisfaction, impact & profit.

Co-host of a podcast about freelancer life, have been a nomad and homemad for about 10 yrs now. I often give public speeches on freelancing, host seminars on how to start, how to find your niche, how to find and build sustainable relationship with clients and self-brand.

I also am a director of Lithuanian social entrepreneurship association, thus very much into social innovations and making good deeds profitable, building strong, long-lasting partnerships. Impact investment is a topic I’d love to talk more about.

Other than that, I am a mentor, writer, speaker, adventurer, solo traveler, motorcycle enthusiast.
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