Awareness based coach
Utrecht, Netherlands
I'm a coach and facilitator trained in multiple modalities such and NLP, We-Flow, Art of Hosting. I have a background in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability MSc.

What I've realized over the course of the last decade is that realising a sustainable society demands both an outer as an inner transformation. I decided to focus on the needed inner transformation.

Over the course of the last two years I have helped dozens of individuals gain persistent access to any inner resources they wanted to stabilise in their experience. You name it, and I can back you up to find it and stabilize it.

Here's a review.
"Accessing Inner Resources with Simon was an educational and fantastic experience in energetic work for me. After the first session I immediately received a compliment about how radiant I looked! During the first session, I immediately gained access to a state of deep relaxation and joyful creative power. If you learn to create and act from this contact with your own life energy, not only you, but also the world will become a lot more beautiful! Whatever you are looking for, be it rest, vital strength or focus, I would 100% recommend a session with Simon! " Aansan Yeh, Social Designer at the Infinite World Game
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45 min

One time online taster, accessing inner resources
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1.5 h

1on1 back-up accessing inner resources
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