Jazz vocalist, musician. Spiritual practices in spare time.
Kaunas, Lithuania

MUSIC. I was surrounded by music my whole life. Graduated from The music school, played classical piano and later turned to Jazz music. I found myself in this music and received knowledge about different styles, types of music and possibilities of voice in general. Jazz is such a wide style. Nowadays it is mainly mix of different experiences and styles. Thats why I love it. It radiates freedom.
BOOKS. I love reading and prefer some ezoteric litterature. I provide myself self knowledge about our unlimited possibilities, law of attraction and healing practices.
NATURE LOVER. I am keen on preserving nature and sorting out how can I ensure better future for ourselves and our children. I dont support fast fashion and love current zero waste trend.
VEGETARIAN/VEGAN. I realise that all creatures on this Earth are unique and I can not eat meat anymore. I believe that food which is made from cruelty and animals suffering has low energies which make us sick, sad and deppresed. I support every choice but I personally want to spread love and eat food which has higher energies, vibrations and nourish our bodies with health and love. 🧡
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Jazz vocal lessons
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