Business fasillitator
Kaunas, Lithuania
In this age of specialization, I'm proud to say I'm an eternal student of life. Never-ending self-improvement, learning new skills every day is my passion. Vast experience in a wide range of activities has given me ability to see wider perspective, analyze any situation in-depth, and use my skills to build or improve various aspects of business and nonprofit organizations.

I have been a Marketing Manager for most of my carrier. You know the feeling that the shirt is too small? Yes, that's my feeling about marketing. I've always been too curious not to know all the business processes and too responsible not to interfere in the processes that make marketing goals impossible.

Today my expertise has expanded to teaming, change management, innovations, efficiency systems, process optimization, and other very interesting fields in business. In one word - I'm about the progress. Continuous progress is the key to any team or business system. It can only be achieved through leadership and team management.

Today I am passionate about human growth and synergy between a person and organization in business, NGO and any other environment. At the end it's all about us, humans.
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