Entrepreneur in Residence at Accelerace
Copenhagen, Denmark
Overall information:
Seasoned founder with 2x successful startups under his belt (CBS talks, Chabber). Experienced advisor, currently 'Entrepreneur in Residence' at Accelerace in Denmark where he works as Business Mentor and Investment Manager.

Competences of expertise:
Sales, go-to-market, strategy, financial/key metrics, fundraising, recruitment.

Business models of expertise:
Marketplaces and B2B SaaS

Details about Sebastian:
Sebastian is an entrepreneur by heart - he loves being an entrepreneur and work with other entrepreneurs. He loves solving problems, which is most likely a product of him coming out of a family of six people where problems occurs every ten minutes with an urgent need for a creative mind and a solution. Sebastian's first entrepreneurial experience, was when he co-founded CBS Talks in 2013 during his studies at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), which became one of the largest student organisations in the Nordics (for what he was awarded 'Student of the Year'-prize at CBS in 2014). From 2016-2020, Sebastian was the CEO (and co-founder) of Chabber (an Accelerace alumni), which has become one of the largest freelance platforms in Northern Europe with more than 25,000 freelancers and 500 customers. Sebastian's other interests are in cooking and politics. His political interest has got him a seat in the Government's 'Counsel for Sharing Economy' in 2019, where he is trying to shape a better landscape for sharing economy startups in Denmark. But, Sebastian's "zen" is when he is experimenting with new dishes while listening to entrepreneurial or political podcasts. Lastly, a tip of advice if you ever want to win an argument: bring facts and evidence to the table because Sebastian is a member of Mensa and has a very logical and rational mind (something his fiancé hates).
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