Deputy Director at Regitra State Enterprise, Road Safety Specialist
Vilnius, Lithuania
All my career, I have worked hard to make the roads safer and prepare conscious and responsible drivers. In my opinion, a sound driving exams system has a direct effect on the driving culture in the country. I want to spread the message that a driver is responsible not only for his but for many other lives. That's why the coolest way to drive is to drive safely. We have to make it a thing of fashion.
During past years in the field of road safety I have learned a lot, met a lot of professional and interesting people who love what they do. Recently I am member of Eexpert advisory group of International Commission for Driver Testing CIECA which does practical driving tests audits in different countries, take part in organizing events related to road safety. I have unique opportunity to take part in real driving tests in different countries as an observer, so it gave me even more experience in the field of my expertise. I am very excited about future, about technological impact on the way we will drive. One the one hand it is well known that Advanced Driver Assistant System make us safer on the road, but on the other hand it has limitations and sometimes it doesn’t work as we expect or it doesn’t work at all. Should we need to change the way we test drivers or should they have other skills? Will we be drivers, operators, observes or maybe passengers? All those questions are still open and nobody knows how it goes. Only one thing is clear-we will be more safe as drivers, passengers or other road users.
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