Film, commercial & music video director
Vilnius, Lithuania
Saulius Baradinskas is an independent filmmaker and director from Vilnius, Lithuania. He is known for directing music videos, commercials, films and "Vilnius Temperature" take away shows.

Saulius Baradinskas finished bachelor degree in Architecture in Vilnius Academy of Arts. During the studies in 2011 he started filming first audiovisual documentaries of various musicians from Lithuania. Inspired by Vincent Moon Take Away Show " La Blogotheque", in 2011 Saulius Baradinskas created Lithuanian web-based music videos project called "Vilnius Temperature" where they continued to shoot various Take Away Shows of musicians all over the Europe. Threw 4 years activity they made over 70 live music videos from 16 different countries including such artists like Gus Gus, Low Roar, Casiokids and SunSay. The Take Away Shows quickly gathered a large online following in Lithuania. After studies Saulius continues his activity in directing commercials for TV and internet platforms. But mostly Saulius Baradinskas is noticed for directing music videos that already got recognition in the Baltics. In 2018 annual music video awards “KlipVid” Saulius was selected as a best director of the year and won best music video award for directing “Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys – Indai”. In 2017 Saulius directed a commercial feature comedy “Grąžinti Nepriklausomybę” which was premiered in 2018, Vilnius on January 19th. In 2017, Saulius shot his debut short film “Golden Minutes” which was filmed in one take and on film. The main role was created by famous Scottish actor Billy Boyd, who starred in Lord Of The Rings.
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