Artist, performer, dancer, cello player, researcher, educator, teacher

In 2018 I published a book 'Do We Need to Be Healed? Wellness Ideologies in Culture' where I researched artist communities in the 20th century comparing it with how wellness is perceived nowadays. Since then I continue to explore, research and understand what does being healthy mean or how do people take care of their bodies in the 21st century.

I am very passionate about birds and I am a beginner bird watcher. I see a lot of similarities between birds and human beings.

Being a performance artist and a dancer makes me pay a lot of attention to my body and the many possible ways of training it. I give workshops and classes quite often and I am also taking part in various workshops, trainings and courses to keep exploring new ways of training and using one's body.

I do see these two disciplines hand in hand: starting from the architecture of the body, the macro constructions of our cells and body parts, and then seeing how the architecture of a room, building or a city influences the way our bodies move in space, and how it creates the choreography of our bodies.

I play cello for already 16 years, and I am very interested in the effect that sound has on us. Meditative, healing sounds, artificial and naturally produced, noise and silence, etc. - how all of these affect the way we feel, think or express ourselves. One of my favorite texts is 'Rhythmanalyst' by Henri Lefebvre which inspires me everytime I work with sound, choreography and rhythm.

Making and sharing a good meal with a company of friends is something that I love and try to do as often as I can. I love being a host and planning a very special 5 (or more) course dinner for my special friends. My kitchen shelves are full of cookbooks and trying a new recipe is something that makes my day complete.
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If you want to learn more about something Saulė might know, don't hesitate, just ask them to share an insight.
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