Bar Manager at Alchemikas & Piano Man, Cocktail & Whisky Competition Judge
Vilnius, Lithuania
Despite the negative opinion at the highest governmental ranks, I still think that alcohol isn't a bad thing. All you need to know is how to use it. With over seven years of experience working in the bar and nightclub industry, I have learned to love alcohol, appreciate its quality, and promote social and responsible drinking. As a bar manager, I guarantee that no proper bar wants its customers to run around wasted and causing problems.

I am continuously working to raise awareness of drinking and teaching people how to appreciate the quality instead of quantity. My mission is to maintain cocktail tradition, inspire curiosity and help people find acquire their taste for cocktails.

There are many cocktails around the world, yet it is not that easy to find thoughtfully and carefully executed ones. It far more difficult to develop an understanding of what a well made drink is and appreciation for quality.

My interests are wide. I was studying to be a librarian at the universe and I guess I developed a habit to seek information. I appreciate music, theatre, movies, animation, video games, board games, visiting galleries, eating, cooking, driving, snowboarding. Sometimes I write an article or gladly judge a drinks competition when invited. I hold a position as a member of the World Whiskies Awards jury which is very dear to me.

Working in the alcohol industry has been a great adventure and I am still curious about where it will take me.
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