Investor education, children & addiction specialist & time-piece enthusiast
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I'm a startup entrepreneur with a deep passion for investments and investor education. To balance this out, I'm a recovery coach helping addicts in recovery. Recovery for a clean addict is a life long process and it is absolutely possible to lead a clean life. I speak from experience. In addition to that, I also work with special needs children in areas of social confidence and interaction. I have strong affinity for kids and a passion to develop their character. In my spare time, I love checking out time pieces and my favourite is a German, not a Swiss (still love my PP, AP, VC & JLC), which is of course A.Lange and Söhne.
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Yin Shao Ming on The US stock market!Investor education, children & addiction specialist & time-piece enthusiast
Edited 1 day ago
So I shared about Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft on 19 May. Let's see how they have performed from then until closing 31 July (reporting season) 🤔. That's 73 calendar days. Apple: 36.0% ⬆️ Amazon: 29.0% ⬆️ Facebook: 17.0% ⬆️ Microsoft: 11.5% ⬆️ Google (Alphabet): 8.30% ⬆️ Note: these are absolute numbers , not annualised. Stellar performance for Apple and Amazon. For blue chip companies to perform like a growth stock is phenomenal! 😱😱😱 Apple is now more valuable than Amazon or Saudi Aramco.
Yin Shao Ming on EntrepreneurshipInvestor education, children & addiction specialist & time-piece enthusiast2 months ago
Six months down the road of setting up an insurtech company, with no line in sight for an approval from the central bank and an agreement with an insurance backer, we had set out to be the first fully licensed digital insurance company in Malaysia. Subscription and claims processing were all on AWS. Funders got jittery as there was no greenlight from the central bank and the insurance backer. What more with the covid-19 situation worsening the turn around time and work flows. Last year, we had a funding of USD 100k, to be drawn down in tranches over 6 months. We had in the same time built our channel partners and distributors from telcos to grocery shops and collaborated with other fintech companies. The funders decided to close the tap a few days ago. It was provided for in the funding agreement. We hadn't gotten any approvals and we didn't make a sale. But we did all the work like our livelihood depended on it. The question searing in my mind is: Do I now go at it on my own and get rid of the funder, very well knowing that I don't have a clear sight or do I go back to corporate with some sense of security?

Chan Chian WenKnowledge hunter, adventurer, occasional musician and poet
If you really believe in your work, this start-up of yours will likely be a side hustle, while you get a job to pay for your own survival. Ideally, if you can get a job that pays you while also adding value to you side-hustle. For example, you can apply for a job in a VC where the access to the wider network of investors will allow you to transfer value to your start-up. Or get a job in sales or marketing of insurance products, where you access to wider network of buyers is also transferable.
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