Rūta Simanaitytė on Interested in chemistry studies? 👨🏼‍🔬Master’s degree 👩🏻‍🔬| Working in 👩🏻‍💻| Ultimate 🐕 ❤️4 months ago
One might say that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and in a nutshell it is entirely true. Have you ever heard about Entropy? The measure of disorder.

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Rūta Simanaitytė on Interested in chemistry studies? 👨🏼‍🔬Master’s degree 👩🏻‍🔬| Working in 👩🏻‍💻| Ultimate 🐕 ❤️3 months ago
Imagine a world where your ability to get a job or seek an education depends on a blood test. Immunity passports might be big a threat for our freedom. Is the world going backwards? What’s your opinion? ‘It has happened before. For most of the nineteenth century, immunity to yellow fever divided people in New Orleans, Louisiana, between the ‘acclimated’ who had survived yellow fever and the ‘unacclimated’, who had not had the disease. Lack of immunity dictated whom people could marry, where they could work, and, for those forced into slavery, how much they were worth. Presumed immunity concentrated political and economic power in the hands of the wealthy elite, and was weaponized to justify white supremacy.’
Ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea
Rūta Simanaitytė on Interested in chemistry studies? 👨🏼‍🔬Master’s degree 👩🏻‍🔬| Working in 👩🏻‍💻| Ultimate 🐕 ❤️3 months ago
Did you know that only about 30% of the plastic gets turned into new plastic after recycling. It’s better than none, but it’s not so efficient as you might think. This engineered enzyme can convert 90% plastic to its starting material. Also, bigger part of the PET bottles are melt down in grey or black material and most of the companies don’t want to use it. (Black should be the new black. )
‘A huge step forward.’ Mutant enzyme could vastly improve recycling of plastic bottles
Linas Bartaševičius on Interested in getting better at coaching?Biology MA, Antiaging studies, Consultant at @Maistassportui10 days ago
Įžvalga - Givybės ratas, arba gyvenimo užburtas ratas. ♻️ Viskas tarpusavyje siejasi, ką ir įrodo paskutinai moksliniai straipsniai apie neuroregeneraciją. Fizinis pasyvumas atima smegenų sveikata. Jei norime funkcionaliai egzistuoti, privalom laikytis darnos, tarp fizinio aktyvumo, sveikos mitybos ir protinės veiklos. Smegenų plastiškumas, gebėjimas mokytis ir reaguoti į aplinką, tiesiogiai priklauso nuo to, kiek mes esam fiziškai kai aktyvūs ✔️ 80proc. ligų pristabdoma arba išgydoma laikantis šios darnos. Subalansuota smegenų veilka teikia didžiausią pasitenkinimą gyvenimu. Visa, įtakoja vienas kitą♻️ Prikabinu nuorodą į tai pagrindžiančią procesoriaus A. Skurvydo paskaitą : https://www.facebook.com/albertas.skurvydas.7/videos/2733380250273388
Linas Bartaševičius on Interested in getting better at coaching?Biology MA, Antiaging studies, Consultant at @Maistassportuiabout 2 months ago
Dalinuosi savo įžvalgomis👨‍🏫 Kaip treneris ir konsultantas, klausiu savęs apie tikrumą. Mintis, žodis, turi remtis pamatais, patikrintais būdais, ir žinomu rezultatu, kuris leidžia numatyti galutinį tikslą. Išlaikyti šaltą (loginį) mąstymą ir emocinį inteleką. Klausiu savęs, kas tai yra - geras, lankstus protas? 🤔 Yra technologijos treniruoti raumenis, jų fizines savybes, yra ir proto treniravimo technologijos. Jei norim pilnaverčių treniruočių, privalom gebėti sutelkti dėmesį, jį išlaikyti, išlaikyti ryšį tarp smegenų ir griaučių raumenų. Nuo mūsų protinio darbingumo priklausys rezultatas ir salėje. O kad jis toks būtų, būkite socialiai aktyvus, turėki reikiamą kiekį poilsio ir saikingai streso. Prikabinu nuorodą į paskaitą: „Proto treniravimo technologijos: ar tai realu?“ Lektorius prof. Albertas Skurvydas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzJeXSK_IKQ
Proto treniravimo technologijos: ar tai realu? Lektorius prof. Albertas Skurvydas
What is the most important thing if you want to get into Harvard Law School? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain. If you never try because you keep thinking it is for “other more special people” - you never will! My thoughts on the legal profession, working in a fintech, legal education, my journey to Harvard Law School and my gratitude to all the people who helped me get there (in Lithuanian) - http://www.teise.pro/index.php/2019/11/21/revolut-lietuvoje-reguliacines-atitikties-specialiste-r-mrazauskaite-mus-apibrezia-ne-nesekmes-o-stiprybes-ir-ismoktos-pamokos/
Revolut Lietuvoje reguliacinės atitikties specialistė R. Mrazauskaitė: atitikties funkcija verslui naudinga tiek bandant suvaldyti rizikas, tiek siekiant tvarios verslo plėtros – Teisė profesionaliai

Marius ČiuželisInvestor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
It is the first generation (or second at best) of wealth creation in Lithuania and the ones who got their fortune are still unwilling to loose control or hire someone to manage their assets. On the other hand, those who offer wealth management services more often than not are learning by doing.
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Jonathan Cairns on Moderation in all especially in copy writingCopy writing and editing, lyrics, poems, trying to give up driving4 days ago
The new English is International English. On the streets of London, in cities towns and villages all over the world, in bedrooms and in the glowing hands of waiting travellers a new language is being created, crafted by market forces, forged in freedom. No central committees approve our words. No government agencies will break our knuckles over punctuation or style. We are the Borg. We are anonymous. We are also named beneath pictures of ourselves sharing the most intimate facets of our personalities and lives. In the future there will not be a person on the planet who doesn't know a little International English. Hark the psychologists refrain : "how does that make you feel?" It's language Jim, but not, as we know it. This tumbling snowball of globalisation is accumulating the best concepts from every culture in the world. It is unstoppable. Yes you can feel saudade 🇵🇹 about this nouveau 🇫🇷 patois 🇯🇲 with its delicatessen 🇩🇪 of choices. We can debate if it's a glitch 🇮🇱 of history that this macho guerilla 🇪🇸 linguistic tsunami 🇯🇵 of new words and nuanced concepts is too gung-ho 🇨🇳 in scouring 🇳🇱 other tongues being a parasite 🇬🇷. What price this new tower of Babel? The youth of the world are forging a new world swearing at each other online and off in Russian, Arabic, Polish etcerata etcetera. I think its amazing but also a little concerning. Will Int. English inevitably break other languages and cultures as the decades pass? What do you think? What price this process /progress? 🤔
Egle Dapkeviciute on Surfing in Lithuaniacreator of geriprojektai.lt l seeker of creativity and deeper understanding
Edited 2 months ago
SURFING IN LITHUANIA Yes, we do have waves in Lithuania. And yes, it's a very good place to start learning or improve your surfing skills. Sharing some useful information: The place >> Melnragė To check forecast >> https://magicseaweed.com/Melnrage-Surf-Report/4426/ Facebook groups & pages to follow: Lithuania surf >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1246000372162038/ Surf Style LT >> https://www.facebook.com/surfstylelt/ Spotas >> https://www.facebook.com/SpotasLT/ Banglente >> https://m.facebook.com/banglente/ Podcast about waves (in LT) >> https://open.spotify.com/show/7dYl67aRgG9hBUVHm9qE7N There are few spots in Melnrage where you can rent a surfboard and a wetsuit or take a surf lesson. (Antanas Jakutis photo)
Enock Peter Lauwo on Traveling in TanzaniaExperienced Tour Guide and Safari organizer in Tanzania2 months ago
Hello, dear qooriors! I am pleased to join this human-to-human learning community. I live in Arusha, Tanzania, and I organize wild safaris in my country. I will be sharing a few facts & insights from a wild & beautiful Tanzania. Did you know that the largest African land mammal elephant (Loxodonta Loxodonta) has a very good sense of smell, good memory, however poor eyesight? They spent 18 hours a day eating. The group is led by an oldest cow known as the matriarch. They live 60 years to 70 in captivity. The photo below is the one I recently took in Serengeti National Park.

Rūta SimanaitytėMaster’s degree 👩🏻‍🔬| Working in 👩🏻‍💻| Ultimate 🐕 ❤️
I’m very qoorios to learn more about Tanzania 🐘
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Enock Peter Lauwo on Traveling in TanzaniaExperienced Tour Guide and Safari organizer in Tanzaniaabout 2 months ago
Zebra grazing down the crater! Ngorongoro crater was formed when a giant volcano exploded & collapsed about 2.5 million years ago. The cone of the volcanic caldera collapsed inwards and formed today's famous Ngorongoro caldera. This is the la rgest unbroken & unfolded caldera in the world. With 610 m deep, Ngorongoro is the home to the big five animals (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant & rhino) and different bird species. Giraffes are not found in the crater because there is no acacia (food) for them.

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
It's incredible how many species of animals live together in this beautiful ecosystem!
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Enock Peter Lauwo on Traveling in TanzaniaExperienced Tour Guide and Safari organizer in Tanzaniaabout 2 months ago
Cheetah is one of the cat families that are found in Serengeti, Tanzania. These are the fastest cats with a speed of 112 kph and the most successful hunters. Unlike other cats, they hunt almost entirely in the day time. Males are bigger than females and they are ones who defend the territories. Females reach reproductive age between 20-24 months, and they give birth about every 18 months with a high mortality rate. Cubs stay with their mother until the age of 16 to 18 months, at which point this family unit breaks up while the mother goes off to find a mate. Below is the picture I recently took. These are four males after they moved out from their families. What wild animals have you seen?
Andrius Baranauskas on Tech in Southeast AsiaProduct Executive Bringing Best Experiences Globallyabout 2 months ago
Earlier this week I had a chance to do my first podcast appearance… Great experience! As part of the prep for it, I asked myself – what were the key differences I observed as a Product Leader in Singapore/SEA compared to Europe? (1) Drive to create and hunger to achieve is enormous in the region. I’ve only seen anything similar in the US so far. Europe is… complacent in many ways. Why create something new if what we have is good enough? (2) Product Management is perceived very differently. Most of the product managers I interviewed early were really project managers – often getting things done that were thought through somewhere else by someone else. Product managers often have a business counterpart – in Europe, it is PM’s job in most cases. Situation changed and evolved over time though! (3) Excellence in craft is really high, especially among the technical people. Data Scientists, Engineers and others are often really really good in SEA. I’d dare to say significantly better. The flip side of that is they often lack interest in the customer and the business. Which makes the teamwork hard, especially if you try the Spotify model. (4) Importance of loyalty cannot be underestimated. At work, this often trumps ideas and work done. People you hire are often afraid to say something that falls out of line, even if they know better than you. Same applies to some of the VCs too in their relationships with the founders. (5) Differences between markets in SEA and Asia in general are much bigger than in Europe or West in general. However, the very average basic customer behaviour is strangely similar, be it in Europe or SEA. (6) Tech workforce is significantly more diverse in the aspects of nationality and gender. First 8 members of my product team at Carousell were all from 8 different countries! Yet somehow different nationalities form their own bubbles, which makes having a singular strong culture in the company much harder. (7) People strive for structure: career ladders, processes, tooling standardisation. A need for this manifests much earlier in the startup’s journey. In Europe, freedom is sought after a lot more. Exception here that I observed is Taiwan – levels of creativity there surprised me! Want to learn more about this dynamic region? Schedule a Zoom call with me!

Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
Very interesting insights! Thanks for sharing!
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Gabija Grušaitė on Living in PervalkaAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta3 months ago
Neringa - Curonian spit is a very precious place for all Lithuanians. Most of us explore nature of the national park and enjoy sun and sea, however there is also a special architectural heritage to be appreciated. From cute wooden houses to experimental modernist buildings with this architectural guide to could have a lot of fun this summer. #discoverbooks
Aivaras Bakanauskas on Surfing in Baltic Sea?Graphic - Branding Designer / In Love With Surfing3 months ago
Hannah Binti Azlan on Clarity in Intraspection: Introthinks too much about thinking too much | mental health3 months ago
There wasn’t anything that could have prepared me for my first full-blown anxiety attack. I felt like I was frozen in place but I couldn’t stop shaking. It was like I had tunnel vision; all I could focus on was the trigger and how overwhelming it felt, how I didn’t think I could overcome it, how it felt like no matter how hard I tried - I would never be able to do something about it. Was I not good enough? Did I do something to deserve this? My thoughts would come at a million miles a minute but also fixate on the same topic again, and again. It kept happening like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I couldn’t escape it. I was so scared. What if I never fixed it? What if this kept happening? What if this was it, this was the end of it? Anxiety doesn’t always feel the same for everyone, but one thing is: it’s your mind and body being in a state of emergency when danger isn’t. Learning to recognise the signs of a panic or anxiety attack is key to learning how to self-soothe and get it under control again.
Hannah Binti Azlan on Clarity in Intraspection: Introthinks too much about thinking too much | mental health3 months ago
If you ever feel bad for burning out... don’t. It’s normal to be burnt out if you’ve been working hard on things, or even if you’ve been doing the same thing for so long. You might have all the luxuries in the world and you might still burn out. It’s okay, breathe - you’re allowed to have a moment where you’re not okay.
Now it may be good time to score cheaper long term rent contract if you want to live in the city center, due to collapse of short term rent market (airbnb)

Atėnė Strazdas DrozdaitėInterior designer/Survivor/Thinker/Forever learning/ Enthusiast
Intresting, however prices for long term rent contract in Klaipeda increased by almost 100eur🙈
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Andrew Lim Mao Tung on Sky diving in Langkawi IslandWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.3 months ago
Eileen Tan
Lina Linkeviciute on How To Provoke Renaissance In Your Activity ?Theatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional1 day ago
If you want to revive, renew and reinvent your activity wouldn’t it be handy to have an INNOVATION MANAGER? Just as even the most expert surgeon can’t operate on himself, you need someone with an outside perspective. A fresh pair of eyes and new brain can work wonders. By giving the doctor your trust and complete information, you’re on the way to being cured. Every case is different, and you need not only deep experience of different kinds of innovation techniques, but also be able to gauge how it will impact your specific organization. What kind of person becomes an INNOVATION MANAGER? Usually they are generalists rather than specialists. These people can fit for so many different positions because they bring a wide-angle lens to a problem that a normal employee would just bring a close up view for. The best example is the main character from a TV series “Pretender”, Jarod who can quickly master complex skill sets to successfully impersonate any profession. It sounds unbelievable but these kinds of people really exist and can create huge benefits for those who are looking for effective innovations. How does an INNOVATION MANAGER Operate? Studies indicate that our ability to think creatively comes one-third from genetics; but two-thirds of the innovation skill set comes through LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING different skills then PRACTICING, EXPERIMENTING and at the end ASSOCIATING them. So, an INNOVATION MANAGER will come to your “home” – company, he is going to to observe everything like an anthropologist or social scientist. He carefully looks for small behavioral details—in the activities of customers, suppliers, and even cleaning ladies of your office—in order to gain insights about new ways of doing things. Then he is going to talk to as many team members as possible, including an engineer, a stay-at-home dad, and a designer to identify what kind of innovation could benefit your business or organization. The most important role of INNOVATION MANAGER is to find THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Is it a new team? Is it a management technique? Is it a product? Is it service offer? Is it a marketing campaign? Is it a communication campaign? Is it long-term vision? Is it turnover? Is it a leadership skill? Is it the atmosphere? Is it meaning of work? Is it the engineers? Is it the front-line workers? Is it the office? Is it the motivation? Is it the general mood? Is it clients service? Is it proceeding? Is it logistics? What is it? And after: ‘If we did this, what would happen?’” Bringing all the team together, mixing them with new professionals from outside, asking to imagine a completely different alternative can lead to truly original insights. In these ways INNOVATION MANAGER will find the ANSWERS together with the team and will develop the creative spark in everyone. The best historical example is the “Medici effect,” referring to the creative explosion in Florence when the Medici family as “INNOVATION MANAGER” of that time brought together people from a wide range of disciplines—sculptors, scientists, poets, philosophers, painters, and architects. As these individuals connected, new ideas blossomed at the intersections of their respective fields, thereby spawning the Renaissance, one of the most inventive eras in history. If you want a Renaissance in your business – just reserve a call :)
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