molecular biologist | idea-stormer | PhD student
Vilnius, Lithuania
Fully dedicated to the world of pathogens. Deeply interested in microbiome dynamics. Already had a small conversation with Her Excellency about the invention me and my team had made.

Got a burining question about bacterial world and our role in it? Or maybe, You would like to absorb inspiring and useful concepts about it? Always open for the synthesis of interdisciplinary concepts, as in these days, the greatest ideas are inter-ideas! Recently been nominated as a “CV Jedi”, my magic can be in well help.

Thinking about scientific or biomedical path and want a piece of extra-opinion, or improve your admission docs? I have accelerated my Molecular Biology Bachelor studies by 1 year with an ease, and recently graduated from Imperial London College as a Biomedical Research Master and will soon continue my PhD studies in Switzerland as a holder of a prestigious fellowship. I would love to share some tips how to rock-and-roll as a (under/postgrad) student and a passionate young specialist.
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15% donated to Save the Children Lithuania
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Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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Session with CV Jedi
Reviews from humans who have met with Rūta
Jolita Vaitkutė
about 2 years ago
Buvo labai geras mokslininko ir menininko pokalbis. Rūta atsakė ne tik į užduotus klausimus, bet ir praplėtė mano suvokimą. Buvo įdomu ir įkvėpė, ačiū!
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