Sharing a thought provoking read by Cass Sunstein: “Evolution favors the most cooperative — and the friendliest.” What if the ones that survive and thrive are not the fittest - but the ones who learn to be friendly, cooperative and see past the silly (societal some would say) divisions? I love reading his books and his articles and had the opportunity to attend his classes that have been just as exciting! *** How to pick a grad school for studying abroad? Naturally, one of the first steps should be checking the international academic rankings. A great idea for the second step is to do some research and see which ones of your most followed researchers work at which university. For example, for a long time I have been following the work of Cass Sunstein on how behavioural sciences (and behavioural economy) can be used for empowering changes. He is teaching at Harvard Law School - so by pursuing my degree there, I could attend his classes, talks and engage in discussions on the issues I’ve been so passionate about.

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