Public policy analyst / Lawyer
Vilnius, Lithuania
I have extensive experience as a lecturer, project leader and a senior consultant, within the fields of transparency in public finances, corruption risks, countering fraud and money laundering. I also freelance as a trainer of international criminal law. Among my professional highlights reside recent master (LLM) studies at Harvard Law School, which opened my eyes to a plethora of things, including the fact that admission process to such prestigious education establishments are not as tricky and prominently tied to knowing legal codes (though that’s quite important too), as one might think!

P.S. Also - unicorns consulting (not the startups!)
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How to enter Harvard Law School
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Reviews from humans who have met with Rūta
Ugnė Henriko
over 1 year ago
Su Rūta buvo labai paprasta ir be galo malonu bendrauti. Susitikimas pavyko visu 100%!
Jolita Vaitkutė
about 2 years ago
Ačiū. Buvo inspiruojantis susitikimas!
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