Written and spoken English words—that’s my jam | Comms, Content & Marketing
Vilnius, Lithuania

Icebreaker? Let’s start with a few random facts. I have a diploma as a quire conductor, I climbed the mountain of Kazbegi, in less than a month I learned Cyrillic and I lived in six different countries. I thrive when overstepping the borders of different countries and cultures.

On my regular days, I’m a communications professional passionate about leveraging content and influencer marketing in order to reach the audience that is the perfect fit for your brand. I enjoy chasing the latest tech trends and creating soul-filled content.

For the past few years, I’ve been working with international clients, running a personal blog www.vilniusplayground.com, and I’ve recently launched www.lemme.pro.

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Jurij Jadevicabout 1 year ago
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