Rūta Dapkūnaitė on AnthropologyDevelopment&UX/user researcher;applied anthropologist;project&case managerSome time ago
Rūta, your topics seems very interesting! Would you tell more about what is social anthropology and how it can benefit you? Maybe you have some specific examples how did you apply this knowledge in your work?
Asked by Laura Cibulskyte
Why I am in love with anthropology?? Because it can answer - how and why we do the things we do! And if it sounds like part of UX research, you are absolutely right as there are many connections! Anthropology helps me not only in navigating “the waters” of human experience or understanding the users, but also in gathering, interpreting and reporting on UX research. Being an anthropologist makes me better in understanding and providing insights about the users, their needs, perspectives and wants. What does anthropology mean for you?


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