Development&UX/user researcher;applied anthropologist;project&case manager
When I was a little girl, I wanted to save the world, i.e. to make a difference. Growing up, I realized that in order to make a difference, I need to develop myself with holistic design thinking, so I did so and it gave me not only new approaches to challenges, but I improved my problem solving and many other skills.

I am a curious and self-driven person, trained in social & applied anthropology, experienced in international relations, project management and development & user research with the professional experience in Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Cambodia, USA.

I am always up for the new challenges and ready to help to understand and create what is next, to develop new ways of thinking in order to deliver positive impact and design better solutions for what matters most.

If you need to change how something is done in order to succeed and you are looking for a solution that isn't just about technology/design/service/product, but also people, process, I am here to help you!
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Reviews from humans who have met with Rūta
Zaur Mustafayev
10 months ago
Thanks again for the conversation! I really enjoyed our talk and happy to meet with you in person one day!
Thank you Rūta for a conversation! She was friendly and willing to answer my questions in a detailed way. Good luck :)
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