Since these days everything (almost) can be done in films by visual effects (VFX) most people think this is the best way to do it. However, VFX work because of its complexity can get so expensive that it may be more expensive to fake it than to do it for real. Like in an example below. It was cheaper to buy and crash a real 747 plane than to generate that in a computer.
Christopher Nolan Crashed A Real 747 In A 'Tenet' Action Scene Because It Was Cheaper Than CGI

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A very powerful tool in cinematography: color. Usually unnoticable aspect of a film, but color has a huge impact on audience’s emotions. Just like music.
How Filmmakers Use Colors To Set The Mood Of A Film
Creative Artists Agency has signed the CGI character to be represented for modelling, film and influencer work. #tookmyjob This is going to accelerate digital personas’ creation as they can be perfectly tailored for specific users to be liked and followed. Now photoshoped and fake Instagram life may look not so alien, right? Miquela, aka “Lil Miquela,” launched on Instagram in April 2016 without explanation — and today she has 2.2 million followers, plus almost 550,000 on TikTok. The freckle-faced, CGI-generated teen robot is the invention of startup Brud, which positions her as a “Gen Z tastemaker” and has inked brand partnerships for Miquela with companies including Samsung, Prada, Calvin Klein and YouTube.
A study shows that 70% of people would rather watch movies at home than cinema. The theatrical experience is great, but many people are now prioritizing comfort and ease over going out. Diving into the survey's results and data in Variety is definitely worth taking a look at but suffice it to say the basic trend is that people prefer home viewing. Where do you prefer to watch? More at:

Ronaldas BuožisCinematography, tech and boats
Povilas, I totally agree! Festivals and premieres are a totally different game in cinema experience. It’s kind of event.
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Mindaugas Jankauskas on AR/3D in retail and e-commerceProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant3 months ago
🗯‼️Not everyone knows that having AR experience on your page is really simple and most mobile devices 📲 support it straight from the browser (no specialized apps needed) ▶️ Straight to AR ▶️ See it in action (Look for “View in my room” button)
Erikas Mališauskas on 💡 Usability reviewJack of all trades, master of design 🎨 Co-founder of Redefinio, Voluto2 months ago
On top, you see an interface of Space X Dragon 2 commercially made spacecraft which just successfully launched first crew to International Space Station. Below is an interface of Soyuz MS spacecraft which has been used since 2016 up to these days for last 13 expeditions. It’s a great example of how commercial companies and government companies treat UI/UX design differently. It’s also a good visualization of why people hate government tools and use commercial ones instead.

Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
Beautifully simplified! However I’m very interested to learn how they mitigate the risk of error or miss-tap on a touch UI. If SpaceX released a UX case study on it it would be a read of a decade.
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The movie about the plants to be recommended is definitely “Adaptation” directed by Spike Jones. Incredible cinematographical work about the struggle to adapt a book- "The Orchid Thief”- a story of Laroche, who clones rare orchids and sells them to collectors.
🎥 ADAPTATION (2002) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
I'm watching this on Saturday 💚
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Nerijus Mačiulis on InvestingEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.23 days ago
A Comprehensive summary on how not only Tesla’s stock price but also Musk’s promises are disconnect from reality: “With the cost of making batteries stubbornly high, Tesla has relied on stock and bond markets, along with government subsidies, to keep afloat. The company earned a $16-million profit in the first quarter this year selling zero emission air pollution credits to other automakers. Musk cut worker pay and bonuses in this year’s second quarter, which will also help profits. Unable to count on making money from selling cars, Musk has relied on other strands to weave his growth narrative. Last year he predicted Tesla would have 1 million driverless robotaxis on the road by the end of 2020. Autonomous car experts were, to be kind, skeptical. With six months to go Musk has stopped tweeting about it. In 2017, he said Tesla would begin producing electric semi-trucks in 2019. Thus far there is no factory, and beyond a couple of prototypes, there are no trucks. Four years ago, he introduced a product called a solar roof — solar cells integrated into attractive roof tiles to generate electricity for the home. In July 2019, he tweeted Tesla was “spooling up production rapidly” to manufacture 1,000 roofs a week by the end of 2019. Apart from some prototype sites, a commercial product business does not exist, and the government-subsidized Buffalo, N.Y., factory where the roofs are supposed to be made has yet to spool. Early this month, he said, “we will have the basic functionality” for driverless cars that can roam on their own anywhere in the world — by the end of this year. He did not define “basic functionality.” No industry expert outside Tesla has expressed a belief the company is anywhere close to deploying driverless cars. In fact, a court in Munich, Germany, this month ruled Tesla misleads customers into believing the company’s Autopilot driver-assist technology is more capable than in fact it is. The court banned Tesla from including “full potential for self autonomous driving” and “Autopilot inclusive” in its German advertising. Korea officials are reportedly considering a similar move. Musk’s unfulfilled claims about Tesla are part of a broader pattern. Another Musk company, Neuralink, is developing computer chips to be implanted in human brains. Musk has said the chip will “solve” brain and spine injuries, and “address epilepsy,” too, in the “near term.” He’s released no data to support such claims, which remain theoretical. Publicly announced plans to build networks of transportation tunnels through Musk’s Boring Co. in Chicago, the Northeast Corridor and elsewhere have been abandoned. Boring Co. is finishing a project that will provide paid rides in Tesla cars through a 4,500-foot tunnel near the Las Vegas Strip.” Full article by Russ Mitchell:
Tesla's insane stock price makes sense in a market gone mad

Nerijus MačiulisEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.
Mangirdas, look deeper into their Q2 report. Its revenues have been flat for almost 2 years, and all its profits came not from selling cars, but selling carbon emissions credits (and frontloading all of them into Q2). It is losing market share in almost all markets, it was its last chance to report profit, it’s over.
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Mindaugas Jankauskas on Product DevelopmentProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant3 months ago
Good product management is a balance between three bigger skill sets: 🔹Craft (methodologies, decision making, prioritization, routines) 🔹Communication (Company, Stakeholders, Team) 🔹Commercial awareness (Knowing problem area, understanding users and potential impact to overall business) This simple framework can actually help to structure personal development and help managers to guide Product people towards faster growth. ℹ️ In fact, this framework can be used for almost any position (be it engineer, salespeople, marketing, …) however requirements and actual skills in those sets would be different.
Ronaldas Buožis on Making a documentaryCinematography, tech and boats4 months ago
Every day we are surrounded by huge amount of visual information, and my job is to make it visually appealing for a viewer to watch. For 13+ years I have been responsible for every shot made in various commercials and movies. One of the biggest achievements is a documentary movie about famous Lithuanian athlete Rūta Meilutytė “Rūta”. Once you go through the whole film-making process any other challenge is a piece of cake. I am happy to share my knowledge on any chosen topic and to help you see the field from the professional and personal perspectives.
Paulius Staniūnas on PhotographyBest Nightlife Photographer in Malaysia, Founder of All is Amazing3 months ago
Never underestimate the power of the diversification of your skills and business. Always try to see beyond your usual skill set, how it can be applied in different situations and can serve clients for the better. I’ll give you an example. My All Is Amazing brand venture. It’s a photography and videography company or as I call it - visual story telling brand. But, among the various types of photography my team and I do, I have diversified our skills to events, weddings and commercial branches. It helps me target specific clients easier, attract photographers with different skillsets and diversify business income sources. Oh yes, here is the photo from the recent H&M campaign for South East Asia, that All Is Amazing team did in Sumba island, Indonesia. Guess under which branch of business this creative assignment goes? ;) #allisamazing

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Congrats to Rasa team, which just raised $26mln series B to continue building open source company. I used Rasa framework to build chatbots. Rasa is open source and free of charge for commercial use. I want to discuss investments in open source. A16Z is not doing charity here: 1️⃣ Just 12 months ago Rasa raised $13mln from Accel. 2️⃣ Rasa annual recurring revenue increased 3x in last 12months. 3️⃣ Downloads grew 6 fold in last 14 months. 4️⃣ Some customers: Adobe, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Airbus Companies building open source earn money from consulting work. Later they might make paid service with advanced features(security, versioning, etc) for corporate clients. Seems to be long-term play. In retrospective, Rasa could have build closed-source SaaS business. ► Why go with open source while end-goal is still profit? ► Does anyone know more financially successful businesses going open source from day one?
TechCrunch is now a part of Verizon Media

Danielius VisockasSoftware Engineer @ Qoorio; Burger geek; Sound processing
Prisma @ is a similar example. It's cool to see open source businesses growing !
Lina Linkeviciute on Building Your StoryTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professionalabout 1 month ago
Is STORYTELLING really the most powerful tool of all?  In 2009, a journalist by the name Rob Walker began an epic journey of discovery. He wanted to find out for himself if it is really true. He started his experiments by buying 200 objects from eBay. On average, each item cost just $1 ! Then he called 200 authors and he asked them, “Would you like to be part of a study on significant objects? Will you participate by writing a story about something I bought on eBay?” Each of the 200 authors said “YES!” So he had 200 objects and 200 stories. He then put each of the items back on eBay. One of them was a beautiful horsehead- yes- the head of a real horse. He bought it for 99 cents. With the story added, he resold the item for $62.95! …just a small increase of more than 6000% So the journalist who bought 200 objects for a total of $129, sold all objects with their stories for $8000!!!   I can do the job of 200 authors by creating your book’s, your company’s, your product’s or your Qoorio profile's story structure plan.     How I do it?    In order to create effective stories, you have to be surrounded by people and their stories, have a great capacity for empathy and understand human emotions, motivations, and psychology, and shape them into a logical sequence of events to create a story arc.   It might sound difficult, but for me it’s like 2 times 2 😊 I’ve used stories to create value for my own commercial practice and now I’d like to share this special talent with you. With The Right Story, The Sky Is The Limit!!!  

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Lina Linkeviciute let's start exchange virtual things into knowledge. I will post a new insight "qoorio's red paper clip" and I invite you to "trade" this red clip for any picture/foto/object you like and then invite somebody else on Qoorio and to trade this with their personal favourite/object etc...the idea is not to sell (I will call the currency Qoorio red paper clips) but to share brief insights, i propose one/two sentences of life learnings max, to each other... Let's make the longest insight post on Qoorio ever.:)) What do you think?
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Justas of Qoorio asked me: "Thomas, what's your story of becoming an angel tech investor ?" Short answer: "The totally different and new network of founders and co-investors and the continuous learnings and new insights that break you outside of your social bubble" Very Qoorious ☝️😊🤗 of filosofy, (part) of the reasons I am on this network to have my daily Qoorious coffee/readings .. Longer answer (and as a bonus I will let you know how I ended up as the only Belgian, so far😊, until this moment on Qoorio, at least to my knowledge.) "As a Belgian living in Brazil where I set up my own real estate investing company from scratch (as foolish as this looks in hind sight when writing this down, in the beginning I couldn't speak even Brazilian Portuguese- but that's another story), I worked almost day and night while also had to give a lot of attention towards my family whom I had brought over from Belgium with me and they also faced the same problems (new school, new language, new house, totally new social environment etc). "My work universe was (and still is) a network of trusted Brazilian real estate lawyers, brokers, real estate developers, my accountant a few free lancers (real estate scouts, architects). With this people I have worked very closely during a number of years." "While doing so, after some years, some Belgians from my 'old' home country started to contact me and asked spontaneous help to introduce them to and help them with things like setting a local company themselves, referring to have a good accountant, commercial introductions, helped them to translate (meanwhile I became quite fluent in Portuguese) .... I started to realise I had something to offer...and the seed of becoming a business angel was planted." "Also doing so, broke my old social network and I met totally new people from outside of my network with different/other views/insights/experiences....and that was the second seed of becoming a business angel" "After a failed first investment in a start up, I realised I lacked training/education in the business angel world." "After moving back from Brazil to Belgium I decided to follow a number of angel investment classes where at the same time I learned how syndicates were working" "I couldn't find the specialised trainings in Belgium so I found a course in the Netherlands. I very much liked it and learned a lot. I asked the organizers how did they start. They learnt it them selves from other investors/copied the program from Estonia. So I took lessons online/offline from Estonia." "In Estonia I asked the organizers from the Nordic Angel Program why/how they decided to launch an investor program...seemed they learnt it themselves/copied from Fiban (association of Finnish business angels) and some angels of FIBAN in Estonia invited me to Helsinki to "learn from the source"... "And so I ended up in Helsinki...taking lessons and networking /investing together in one Finnish start up. (The idea/filosofy of those programs is not only learning in theory but also Do-ing it, making a real due diligence /vetting process)" "In Helsinki I was approached by a Baltic VC who wanted to learn more from my Brazilian experiences as one of this start-up's started to get active over there and checked if I could help them potentially...Offcourse✌️😉..." " I liked his investment approach and learned he was launching a new fund...the first investment turned out to be....,🙌🤗 Qoorio" And so Justas that's how I became an angel investor and enthusiastic supporter of Qoorio 👌👍 and the first Belgian on your network. Hereunder a picture of Brazilian art, it's a group of people going in group from one place to another and that's how I feel about life and angel investing.

Stephen BrooksEntrepreneur & Acapella Singer
Great story, thanks Thomas!
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