Creative Artists Agency has signed the CGI character to be represented for modelling, film and influencer work. #tookmyjob This is going to accelerate digital personas’ creation as they can be perfectly tailored for specific users to be liked and followed. Now photoshoped and fake Instagram life may look not so alien, right? Miquela, aka “Lil Miquela,” launched on Instagram in April 2016 without explanation — and today she has 2.2 million followers, plus almost 550,000 on TikTok. The freckle-faced, CGI-generated teen robot is the invention of startup Brud, which positions her as a “Gen Z tastemaker” and has inked brand partnerships for Miquela with companies including Samsung, Prada, Calvin Klein and YouTube.

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A very powerful tool in cinematography: color. Usually unnoticable aspect of a film, but color has a huge impact on audience’s emotions. Just like music.
How Filmmakers Use Colors To Set The Mood Of A Film
Since these days everything (almost) can be done in films by visual effects (VFX) most people think this is the best way to do it. However, VFX work because of its complexity can get so expensive that it may be more expensive to fake it than to do it for real. Like in an example below. It was cheaper to buy and crash a real 747 plane than to generate that in a computer.
Christopher Nolan Crashed A Real 747 In A 'Tenet' Action Scene Because It Was Cheaper Than CGI
A study shows that 70% of people would rather watch movies at home than cinema. The theatrical experience is great, but many people are now prioritizing comfort and ease over going out. Diving into the survey's results and data in Variety is definitely worth taking a look at but suffice it to say the basic trend is that people prefer home viewing. Where do you prefer to watch? More at:

Ronaldas BuožisCinematography, tech and boats
Povilas, I totally agree! Festivals and premieres are a totally different game in cinema experience. It’s kind of event.
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